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Thursday, June 28, 2012 | 0 comment(s)
And so the new semester's started. School's been manageable so far. :) Oh well maybe because the exam period hasn't really arrived yet.

Haha I remember how in my previous post on Sunday, I mentioned that I would be sleeping at around 10+ that night because school was starting the next day. I did go to bed at around 10+, but I was kinda restless and so I only managed to fall asleep at around 12+. After all my determination to sleep earlier that night. =3=

It was really great seeing all my classmates and friends on Monday. :D When school reopened for the new term, however, there were quite a number of changes. One of which was that Ms Wong, a wonderful and cheerful teacher, would no longer be teaching my class Literature. :( But never mind I guess it's okay though, since my current Literature teacher is also really nice! Another change would be our seating arrangement. I got shifted from the front to the back of the class! :D Kekeke. Sometimes it gets really cold back there though, I'm starting to bring my sweater to school everyday. ._.

For the past few days, it's mostly just been getting adjusted to school life once more and starting on new topics. Work's not been much of a problem so far though. I'm currently still mentally stable. I still have time to watch videos! :D Once, I was watching someone else's fancam of B1A4's O.K during BNO on youtube because in terms of B1A4 songs, I only took fancams of Beautiful Target and Baby Goodnight. And oh gosh, it was only while watching the fancam that I realised Gongchan's shoe actually came off during the performance and Baro was laughing. Why am I so unobservant. D:

Anyway, I had a rather fun time in school today thanks to Aesthetics. :) Our current module for Aesthetics is Poise and Confidence, it's mostly about sewing. Don't get me wrong though. I'm horrible at sewing.

However, today, we were gonna experiment with different kinds of fabric and find out how long each different type took to burn, what kind of smell they gave off after burning, stuff like that. And yes, we were going to do the burning ourselves in groups!

I was in the same group as Nurin and Xin Hwee, and we chose some rather nice and scenic area to do our burning. Before I continue, always remember, never ever play with fire! ._. Now that I've already done my fair bit of nagging, time to post the pictures of what we did. :)

After many attempts, XH finally managed to light up the candle:

XH and Nurin ^^ :

XH using tweezers to burn a piece of fabric:

At one point, when it was my turn to burn the fabric, my fingers were too close to the edge of the tweezers and the fabric just had to catch fire from the candle right then. I went crazy and dropped the tweezers back onto the tray immediately and in the process, I accidentally knocked Nurin on the head. >< Yes, I'm a total dweeb.

Once more I shall emphasise, never play with fire. ._.

And here's the last photo, 3 of us happily acting like derps with the tweezers and the lighter. :D (hoho look Nurin's illuminated!)

Today, I also had CCA [Choir! ❤] for the first time since school reopened. :D It was fun, I got to see everyone again and towards the end of CCA, my batchmates and I were deciding on the song(s) we wanted to perform for our busking and eventually, we decided on a mash-up of Payphone and Call Me Maybe. We'll see how it works out! :)

It's going to be Friday tomorrow, haha I'm really looking forward to the weekend for a break! I have to end off here as I'll be sleeping soon, so goodnight everyone! <3 Oh and by the way, SISTAR released their new music video for Loving U. The song's really nice and they all look amazing. :D Even the scenery looks amazing.

Haha so go check it out okay!

❤ Natalia.

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