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I&E 2012. :)
Saturday, June 30, 2012 | 0 comment(s)
Omg I was watching this yesterday and it's reallyreally good. [TeenFinite! ❤] Both groups were amazing and I was reminded once more of how much I love Niel's current hairstyle hehe. And oh gosh Chunji singing his part in The Chaser = ❤ !

Okay so anyway, it's finally the weekend!

My primary school (shps!) had their I&E carnival today, and I went with my ex-classmates (Samantha, Yun Ting and Kaye). It was on a larger scale this year, they even included Uncle Ringo's carnival with the large pirate ship and all! There were a lot of people at shps today, saw some of my juniors and even my batchmates in primary school whom I haven't seen in a long time. :'D

We mostly walked around, and when we arrived at one game stall (It was 6/10's and 6/11's game stall if I'm not wrong!), we spotted two of our ex-classmates, Stefan and Hazim, playing Kinect.

Yep, that's them! Haha they were really enthusiastic.

Later on, Kaye and YT decided to play kinect too. :) (Sam had left for awhile to do other stuff!)

Ermm, I didn't spend much at the carnival cos I didn't really know what to buy. ._. But I did buy candy floss and a cookie! :] The cookies all came in different (and very pretty!) designs, hehe I chose one which was shaped like a fish and it was really yummy!

Oh and YT even bought for me a bear keychain and I found it really adorable! Omg thanks so much YT! <3

I&E this year was a really great experience, I really loved returning to St. Hilda's! :) I'm starting to miss all those times I had with my friends, going from stall to stall and also manning stalls of our own, during the previous I&E carnivals when I was still in primary school. ;-;

When we finally left St. Hilda's, YT, Kaye and I went to Century Square for lunch at the food court. Sam called Kaye and told us that she'd be joining us later on. :) While waiting for Sam to arrive, YT went to buy some kiwis to eat.


Sam arrived soon after, and Kaye was trying really hard to stop me from reading the very first post on her blog using my phone. Haha I suppose we were a rather silly sight! (I managed to read it in the end :D)

After we were all done eating and making a fool of ourselves, Kaye had to leave. :( So Sam, YT and I went over to one shop in Century Square (I forgot its name ><) where they both bought stuff, and then we went to Comics Connection. :D

And I finally found a Gongchan ezlink card sticker!!! ❤❤❤

Yes. I am really happy. :'D

The 3 of us then went to Tampines 1 but I don't think any of us bought anything over there. I wanted to buy a ring that said 'Angel' (since my latest Kpop obsession is Teen Top aha!) but in the end I changed my mind. I'll probably buy it some other time. ._.

Eventually, after spending lots of time in Tampines and the malls there, we all decided to head back home. When I got back, I was pretty tired but it was alright since today had been really fun! :D

Okay although I've been having lots of fun lately due to all the things that are happening, I'm still quite sad since all the songs in my phone have disappeared (I think it happened yesterday D:) and I have no idea why they did. I really hope I can somehow get all of the songs back. TT-TT

Minus that, I think it's gonna be a great weekend, can't wait for tomorrow. :D And Monday's a holiday too!

I guess I'm one reeaaally happy girl. (excluding the song thingy that happened with my phone ._.)

❤ Natalia.

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