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It always feels great to be back. :)
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Haven't been posting for a few days, will update now! :)

So, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I returned to my primary school, St. Hilda's! Haha I really missed the place a lot so I was super glad to have the chance to go back there. Okay so I was actually there to do CIP with my ex-classmates, now my current schoolmates: Kaye, Yun Ting and Mahirah. (Mahirah's still my classmate though!) :D

What we were tasked to do was to actually help our P6 English teacher, Mrs Teo, with lots of filing. And it was a lot harder than we thought it would be. T-T But Mrs Teo was really very nice towards us, she even bought for us snacks in case we got hungry! Mrs Teo is really one of the best teachers I ever had, she was super dedicated while teaching my class in primary school and she actually taught us from P4 all the way to P6, tolerating all our nonsense for 3 whole years! :) And right now I really, really miss having her as my teacher. :(

Although we returned to shps during the holidays, the P6s were in school and if I'm not wrong they were there having supplementary classes cos PSLE's getting closer. I remember having to return to school during the June hols last year for the same reason. :) Anyway I managed to see a lot of my amazing and wonderful juniors, I really missed a lot of them! <3

Halfway through filing, Mahirah and I decided to go downstairs to the canteen to get a drink. And the canteen's really changed a lot! :O The two of us discovered this interesting blue-coloured drink that was being sold at the drink stall and so we decided to try it out! It was actually a blueberry-flavoured drink. :) And it looked like this!

Haha okay I found the colour of the drink super pretty.

When Mahirah and I returned back to the room where we were doing all the filing in, I was about to use the printer cos I had to photocopy several worksheets but I think it was Kaye who told me that Mr Tan (my primary 4 science teacher!) was using the machine earlier on and she wasn't sure if he still needed it. It turned out that he didn't need it after all so I went to photocopy the worksheets. Later on when my friends were using the photocopy machine, one of them suddenly said that it had stopped working.

So stupid me went to say jokingly without thinking, "Haha Mr Tan spoiled the machine!"

And suddenly I heard a response, "No lah!" And it was Mr Tan's voice.

HAHA I HAD NO IDEA MR TAN WAS STILL IN THE ROOM OMG cos there's actually a wall in the room to sorta divide the place into 2 sides, and Mr Tan was on the other side! When he left the room, my friends and I started laughing like mad, haha at least the incident put lots of humour into our day! :D Oh and the printing machine turned out to be just fine in the end!

All of us except for YT were unable to complete the filing task that day cos our files were super huge, but it was okay since all of us except for Kaye would be returning the next day so we would be able to continue then! :)

After leaving school, Kaye, Mahirah and I went for lunch at Century Square. YT wasn't able to follow us since she had her piano lesson. :( Haha while eating, the 3 of us had a great time recalling the Mothers' Day celebration that was held when we were in P4, and the hilariously lame skit that was performed that day by quite a number of us, myself included! Oh gosh haha I really miss those times.

When we went back to school the next day, we continued with the filing and YT took over the file that Kaye was in charge of. Mrs Teo actually bought bread and cake for us, and she also gave us a whole bottle of Pepsi! Omg I'm really so touched by whatever she did for us, trying to help us in any way that she could. <3

And we managed to finally finish the filing that day! (Y) :D Haha I felt so accomplished. Couldn't eat lunch with my friends that day though, cos this time I was the one with the piano lesson!

To sum it up, I had a really great time in shps for those two days, and I'm looking forward to the next time when I can visit back again! <3

On Wednesday and Thursday, I mostly stayed at home and tried to finish up some projects that I had. :< Oh and I also decided to watch Teen Top's episode on Weekly Idol, and they were really hilarious! Ricky was making lots of super cute expressions, haha he really makes a good visual maknae!

Today, my mum decided to go out to buy dinner so I followed her, and so did my 2 neighbours! One of them was Tuha (who was in my previous post :D), and the other was his 3 year old brother, Zohair! (I hope I didn't make any spelling errors ><, but anyway we just call him Jubs. :) Oh and by the way his name is not actually pronounced like how it's spelled, it's more of something like: Zu-ha-yer!)

They waited and ate ice-cream with me as my mum went to buy dinner and I had this urge to use my SHINee HELLO app to take photos of them, and here are the pictures! (I selected the members at random hehe!)

^ Jubs and Minho!

^ Tuha with Key!

Later on while my mum brought Tuha and Jubs along with her to the supermarket, I went to Comics Connection. :) And in the end I bought 2 ezlink card stickers, though I don't think I'd end up pasting any of them on my ezlink card, which already has a sticker on it. :)

^ The sticker that is currently pasted on my ezlink card. :D Taemin oppa! Neomu kyeopta! ❤

And the ones I bought today! :

^ One of B1A4, and one of Jinyoung. :D I tried looking but I couldn't find one of Channie. :( But haha never mind, I hope I'll find one soon!

Anyway, I had a really yummy dinner today thanks to my mum who bought it for all of us! ❤ Love you lots Ma! <3 xxx

It's getting late already, I'll end here so I can get my sleep, which seems a lot more precious during the June hols! Keke.

'Night everyone! :D

❤ Natalia.

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