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This fangirl is ★ struck.
Thursday, June 14, 2012 | 0 comment(s)
Omgomgomg I'm supersuper high. And supersuper happy. ❤


And trust me they are as handsome in real life.

Oh gosh haha that area of the airport was pretty crowded and some girl had a huge sign saying "BARO I ♡ YOU". :D I was standing in front of the glass thingy so that I could see the 5 gorgeous guys when they finally entered. (Y)

It was mad, everyone everywhere was screaming (including moi x) ). Even news that their plane had touched down made us scream. Haha here are some of the pictures I took. :)

^ Part of the crowd.

And so the first to emerge within sight was Jay Park! (Pardon the quality of my pictures I took them using my phone :< If you want a better view of the pictures, just click on them! :D)

^ Yep he's the one in black!

And after a few more minutes of waiting, suddenly everyone started screaming again, AND THERE THEY WERE OMGOMGOMG. CNU was the first I saw and I was like shouting his name oh gosh haha.

^ See them yet? ;)

^ It's pretty easy to spot Gongchan, CNU and Baro here. :D (Gongchan's the one in the hat :D)


Okay, not only Baro, BUT GONGCHAN WAVED TOO. <333 And he had this somewhat half-smiling expression on his face while he faced those of us on the other side of the glass and waved and omgomgomg it was super cuteee omgomgomg I'm meltinggg. But I feel like such a derp omg I was too starstruck that I just smiled widely like some idiot and didn't wave back although the rest did. TT-TT But omg Gongchan totally made my day. ❤

And it was totally heartbreaking when they all left in their van.

At one point I accidentally fancammed (my original intention was just to take pictures) but I have no regrets cos I caught CNU and Baro waving as well as Jinyoung turning to face the fans in the video. :D <3

I really wish I took better pictures of Jinyoung and Sandeul. :( I have some though, it's just that you can't really see their faces that clearly. :<

But anyway, NO REGRETS. I had an amazing time as a fangirl at the airport today and it made me love B1A4 even more.

SHINee's only arriving tomorrow, and I think they're taking the route for the VIPs or something like that so I won't be able to see them. T-T

But it doesn't matter I'll get to see them anyway and B1A4 again too because BOYZ NITE OUT IS TOMORROW! Omgomgomg I really can't wait I hope I'll be able to fall asleep tonight.

I can't get out of spazzing mode.

❤ Natalia.

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