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Okay. Before I begin blogging about what happened yesterday and today, I just have to post B1A4's Ceci individual photoshoot pictures cos they are just. Whoa. Major love. ❤

I'm really so sorry about all my spazzing, but I can't help it. Haha the life of a fangirl! Okay here goes. CNU's photo first.


^ Whoa Baro, WHOA.

^ Jinyoung why you so handsome.

^ Sandeul, you tell me right now how someone can be so cute and handsome at the same time.

^ I see so much love in Gongchan's picture. I have no words to say. <3

Image Source

There's also previews of the other individual shots on the net, and wow. Wow. Okay cannot take it any longer I'LL POST GONGCHAN'S.


Image Source

I am overly starstruck up to the point where I can't even sum up the pictures in words, so if you wanna read more about the photoshoot, go here :) --> Allkpop - B1A4 Ceci Photoshoot

Okayokay I'll stop spazzing already and post about what happened yesterday and today.

Sunday, June 17th 2012

Fathers' Day! Soooo:


I most definitely had a wonderful time celebrating with my father and family! :D <3 We opened the cards and presents at home first, then went out for lunch.

And it was a simple lunch, but delicious all the same! (I stuffed myself full whee.)

After all the eating, we went back home and then headed out to East Coast Park. And we brought along our neighbour's son with us, Tuha, who's 5 years old! :D

^ Cool dude Tuha chilling and eating a potato chip.

Over there, I brought Tuha over to the seashore so that he could have fun playing with the waves. And hehe I had fun myself too! Every once in a while a wave would end up bigger than I expected and it would soak both me and Tuha. Okay ya haha so sometimes the salty seawater got into my eyes and I had quiteee a bit of trouble trying to clean all the sand off me.

But I really did have a great time there all the same.

Later on, we all went to Tampines and my sister and I spotted Uncle Ringo's carnival! When I was younger, seeing Uncle Ringo's carnival would make me hyper. Very. And this time I successfully convinced my father to let me, my sister and Tuha to ride on the pirate ship because it had been a long, long time since I last rode on one of those. TIME TO BE A YOUNG KID AGAIN. :'D

The 3 of us sat right at the back, my sister and Tuha on one end, and me on the other. (Hmph it was kinda squeezy at the back though, am I really too old for the ride? D:) And the whooooosh I felt whenever the pirate ship sorta dived down was super shiok! I was kinda sad when the ride ended. :<

Afterwards, we went to McDonald's for dinner and then drove around before heading back home. Exhausting day, but thoroughly fun. :) (ESPECIALLY THE PIRATE SHIP WHEE)

Monday, June 18th 2012 (Today, in other words. :D)

6/10 CLASS OUTING! <3 (plus Linus who's from 6/11) I was really looking forward to this as it had been quite a long while since I last saw my P6 classmates! And that now reminds me of how much I miss primary school life.

We all met around 8+ in the morning, then rented bikes and headed over to Pasir Ris Park. I rented the two-seater one with Yun Ting. :)

^ The guys renting their bikes. (Haha their names from left to right: Qi En, Marcus, Linus, Jun Son and Jeremiah aka Jerry)

^ The bike me and YT rented. :)

At one point, YT and I stopped cycling and went to the playground to ride on the swings for awhile. Pretty soon we saw Jerry heading back trying to look for us but he ended up passing by the area where we were and not noticing we were there, which made YT and me laugh pretty hard. He spotted us only after passing by for the second time.

We all stopped later at one shop to get drinks and ice-cream haha the weather nowadays is super hot. And that was when YT and I realised that our bike wasn't working that properly. T-T We decided to just stop cycling and return our bike, then head over to Downtown East and E!hub where we would meet the rest of them later. So the two of us went to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I ordered the pure caramel drink. :D

^ My drink. :D

^ Me and YT with our drinks. :)

After that, we took neoprints! :D

^ 3 of the neoprints we took. :D (my favourites hehe!)

Later on, Samantha joined us. :D While the 3 of us were walking around, Jerry called and asked where we were and for fun I told him we were in White Sands when in actual fact, we were still in E!hub. While we were going down the travelator, we suddenly heard a voice behind us saying 'White Sands, yeah right' and to our horror (and amusement) we saw Jerry and Linus standing there. We found out later on that Jerry had actually sent the rest of them to go find us in White Sands and trust me we had a really good laugh. Jerry actually did believe me earlier on.

Okay I know I sound like some evil pok towards the guys, but ahemahem I didn't mention that they did sorta desert me and YT when we realised that our bike wasn't working. T^T

Once the other guys had returned (from White Sands omg ahahaha), we all ate at Macs, then returned to E!hub where me and YT went on X-rider, the 4D Theater Motion Simulator Ride thing. :)

After that, we all just went to sit down at one area of E!hub to simply talk and do stuff we would not normally do in public, haha okay it may seem kinda boring, but we actually had fun. :D The guys went to catch a movie later on, so then Sam, YT and I decided to head back home.

So yep that was the end of our class outing! Just like the day before, I had a good time. :) I'm pretty sure though once school starts again, I'll be missing my primary school classmates once more. :( Never mind haha I shall hope that we can have another class outing at the end of the year!

It's getting pretty late now, I really should go to sleep because I'm going back to my primary school tomorrow to do CIP with my friends. :D So I'll end here, goodnight everyone! :)

❤ Natalia.

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