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RGGE Concert + Chalet!
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 | 0 comment(s)
Hmm haha okay it's been a few days since I last blogged and 2 school days have passed eversince. Okay then seems like I have a lot to write about. :)

Saturday (night), June 30th 2012

Hmm so first of all, I had a huge surprise on Saturday night. I have this schoolmate and her name's Sadia. And (just like me!) she spazzes over Kpop! Hehe she reallyreally loves Infinite.

So anyway I was just minding my business, derping and lazing around and home. And then I logged into Facebook using my phone and saw that I had received a message, so I went to open it and it was from Sadia. And it said:


Okay I was shocked. So I asked her where she was. And her response was:


Oh no.

After chatting with her via facebook, I found out that yes, she had already spied on me earlier on. (And I can't believe I didn't even know.) MY PRIDE = GONE.

Haha of course I went out of my house later on to see for myself whether she really was next door, and she was. And then she came over. :)

Okay the first few minutes of her coming over mainly consisted of us trying to take pictures of each other as evidence for those people who didn't believe that she had actually just visited the house next to mine.


While she was at my house, we spent most of our time spazzing over Kpop-related stuff and watching lots of videos. During this period of time, I found out some rather weird habits we have in common! One example would be buying ezlink card stickers and not using them at all. Instead, we just store them in our wallets. Glad to know I'm not alone. :'D At one point of time, Sadia was trying to guess my phone's passcode. AND SHE GUESSED IT ON HER SECOND TRY. Sadia, why so smart?! ;~; (Haha okay so maybe it was easy for her to guess since my passcode's Kpop-related and she's a huge Kpop fan.)

Sadia stayed at my house until 11+ (I didn't even realise it was getting that late.) and eventually she had to return back home. Haha oh well so we had fun while it lasted! :D

Sunday, 1st July 2012

I was rather excited when I woke up the next day. Okay so actually, my sister and her CCA members were gonna hold a one-day farewell at a chalet and her teacher wanted at least one adult to be there as well. So in the end my mum was the one who went to stay at the chalet, and because of that I got to stay there too. We also invited Yun Ting to join us, so I was pretty sure that it was going to be really fun. :) The chalet that we were going to be staying at was the Home Team NS chalet at Pasir Ris Park.

^ YT, my mum and I shared this room. :)

And I liked the view we had from our window!


When we arrived there, YT and I headed over to the room first to place our things and afterwards, we took pictures together using Photo Booth. Yes, there is great joy in camwhoring with friends!

Haha out of all the pictures we took, I liked this one the most! We used the sepia effect but afterwards, I brightened the photo cos the colour was a little dark.

❤ :D

For the rest of the time we spent in the room, we mostly did the homework that we had. ._. NERDZZZ. -OvO- Okay haha actually no not really. Oooh and we were munching on these at the same time!

^ One of my favourite childhood snacks. :D

Once we were done, we had to go and get ready for our school's Guitar Ensemble concert at night. YT's dad came to pick us from the chalet and sent us to the concert venue which was pretty far away. YT and I actually thought that the concert would start at 7.30 pm, but when she went to check her ticket again, it turned out be 7 pm and we ended up late. We only missed a bit of the concert though (I hope!) and managed to catch the rest of the performances.

^ The 4-page programme booklet, you can click on the picture and zoom in for a better view! :)

I really enjoyed the concert, they even had an American Pop medley and a K&J Pop medley, and I especially liked it when they played 2NE1's Lonely. The performances were all very good!

After the concert, YT and I waited for Kaye, who had performed earlier on cos she's in Guitar! While waiting, I caught sight of Sadia, Roshni and Jing Yi, who were outside. (All 3 of them are Kpop fans hehehe.) I went over to see them for awhile and Sadia started taking pictures of me again.


Afterwards, I went back inside and finally, Kaye emerged. YT and I insisted on taking pictures with her. >)

^ (I like how my Taemin badge is visible here aha.)

We took lots and lots of pictures, and eventually all three of us had to make our way back, so YT and I had to say goodbye to Kaye. :(

Haha yes YT and I continued taking photos together while waiting for her dad to arrive. Oh gosh my phone was filled with so many photos taken after the concert.

YT's dad sent us back to the chalet and we ate our dinner, before going over to sit with my sister and some of her friends who were still there. Haha we all had lots of good laughs and I was snacking on marshmallows. Omnom. YT and I then headed upstairs, where I showed her the episodes of Teen Top on Weekly Idol, and we had a great time laughing really hard. No matter how many times I watch those episodes, they're always funny!

Oh which reminds me, Teen Top's latest appearance on Weekly Idol has finally been subbed today! Wahaha I'm so so happy. Ricky was being really lovable and all, who knows maybe in the near future my Teen Top bias would be both Niel and Ricky? :) Haha okay so if you want to watch their latest appearance on Weekly Idol, here's the link to the first part : [6TOTSubs] 120627 Teen Top Weekly Idol Part 1/2, and the link to the second part : [6TOTSubs] 120627 Teen Top Weekly Idol Part 2/2 (Omg I really recommend watching it it's extremely hilarious!) Thank you so much 6TOTSubs for subbing!

Okay so anyway after YT and I were done with watching the episodes, we decided to go to sleep since it was already getting late.

Haha we even took pictures before we slept!

^ That's my mum on the left! ❤

Monday, 2nd July 2012

All of us woke up rather early and had breakfast. YT went cycling with my sister and her friends at the park, I chose not to follow cos my legs had been quite painful when I woke up. I have no idea why. T-T Earlier on, while we were all still eating breakfast, a cat had entered our chalet and it really made itself at home.

^ Haha so cute!

When YT, my sister and her friends arrived back at the chalet, it was time to pack up as we had to check out soon. My dad sent YT back first and eventually, I too was back at my own house.

So yep, that was the fun part of the long weekend that I had. Once I was back home, there was no more time for fun and I began frantically chionging the homework I had which was due the next day.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 3th and 4th July 2012

Back to school! These 2 days have pretty much been like every other school day, so there's really nothing much to write about. Haha anyway I've been really high on Kpop these days. :D

I was rather bored in school one day and there was nothing to do, so in the end I made these using red fuzzy wire after getting the idea from Roshni, who made a TVXQ one using red fuzzy wire as well. :)

^ Haha I made an EXO-M one for my friend, Syaza (who went for BNO with me!). :)

^ B1A4 for myself! I really wish that the wire I used for this was longer though, the letters and numbers look kiiinda cramped together. :<

Speaking of B1A4, they've been driving me crazy lately with their Ceci Bedroom Concert and their Summer Story performance for Music Bank's Half Year Special. I keep on rewatching those videos gaaaaah B1A4 let me concentrate on the work I have to do for school! T-T Oh which reminds me, I really can't foresee my fangirling self calming down anytime soon though cos I finally managed to order B1A4'S IGNITION repackage album on Sunday!!!

Okay now I've gotten myself so excited I can't see how I'm going to be able to fall asleep, and there's school tomorrow. .___. Haha oh well then I'd better end off here, so goodnight everyone!

Meanwhile, I shall go and try to calm myself down.

❤ Natalia.

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