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It's been quite awhile since my last post, finally finding time now to blog. :) For the past few days, I've mostly been spending my time trying to complete all my homework and projects (all due around this period of time ugh). Right now, all that's left for my projects is my Geog AA! But it's due next week and I haven't exactly started on it. Oh boy.

Okay so I've got a lot a lot of things to update on, but I'll try my best not to make this post too lengthy and draggy to read!

First thing's first, I was in my school bus in the early morning last Friday and I was texting Syaza, when I suddenly got an sms from her saying that B1A4 was going to be on Hello Baby! There's been a lot of unconfirmed rumours about this recently, and I was really so happy when she told me that it had finally been confirmed on Allkpop! I immediately had to check it out for myself using my phone, and tada!

(Ahaha the time shown on my phone in the picture above is hilariously early.)

I started getting really really hyper (which is pretty unusual for me in the morning), and I'm hoping that B1A4's season will be as lovable and as funny as SHINee's! Apparently the countrydols will be travelling with two five year old children around Seoul, this should be interesting. ;) Read the full article here: Allkpop - B1A4 to participate in ‘Hello Baby’ Season 6! :D

(Speaking of B1A4, the MV of SIII'S Win The Day was also released last week and it features 2PM‘s Nichkhun and Junho, MBLAQ, Miss A, SISTAR, 4minute, ZE:A, Nine Muses, B1A4, and Dal Shabet! And I'm so glad they paired B1A4 with SISTAR for the recording cos I really love those two groups. ❤ Watch the MV here: SIII - Win The Day MV and the making of the MV [which is super cute!] over here: SIII - Win The Day MV - Making :D)

Okay haha so moving on, I had a wonderful Saturday last week. :D My afternoon began with some prize presentation thingy, and afterwards there was reeeaaally delicious food being served. x) Hoho yes I am such a glutton.

^ Dessert! Omnomnom.

And afterwards, it was off to Raffles City to collect my B1A4 I IGNITION repackage album asdfjxchkjxhkjshdalfhsladhflsjah! ❤❤❤ I was sososo happy when I finally received it. The album was pretty heavy though, but I definitely didn't mind carrying it around with me. ;v; <3

I'll most likely post about the album in my next blog entry, cos I'm figuring it'll take quite a bit of time. (I'm trying not to make this post too lengthy, remember? :D)

I ate dinner with my family later on at Century Square, and then we went over to Tampines Mall, where I bought a bag. It took me quite awhile to choose which one I wanted but I eventually decided on this one below! :)

We also went to Tampines 1, and that was where I finally bought the Angel connector ring I've been wanting for quite some time! Hehe, I had Teen Top in mind. ❤

After leaving Tampines 1, we headed back home, where I finally opened my album and fangirled over it before going to sleep. <3

On Sunday, I spent my time rushing the homework that I had T^T, and then it was back to school for the next few days. On one of those days though, I finally managed to buy my first Teen Top badge from Comics Connection!

:D Wahaha they're all so handsome. ❤

Thursday, in a way, was pretty sad. I had choir on that day, and it was going to be the last day of practice for our Year 4 seniors. :'( Towards the end of prac, we all sat in our sections and the Year 4s talked to us. I really couldn't believe they were leaving so soon omg time has really flown by so quickly since the beginning of the year. I really enjoyed being with my section [alto two!] that day and it was fun listening to all the jokes and stories my seniors had to share! At one point, my section members made me re-enact the pedo imitation I did during choir camp earlier this year. Oh gosh the embarrassment. TvT We also took section photos that day! Most of us only left the choir room at around 6+, even though prac had ended at 5.30. And before leaving, we all exchanged hugs with one another. ❤

I guess it's gonna take me some time getting used to the fact that the Year 4s won't be joining us for choir prac anymore. :(

Oh gosh I should quickly move on from this topic before I start getting all sad again.

Okay so anyway, I didn't have to go to school on Friday because my whole school was going to do home-based learning! We still had to follow our normal timetable though, which meant waking up early in the morning. Gah.

HBL wasn't too bad though, in fact it was actually rather good! The best part was that we could eat at any point of time if we wanted to. x) Hehe Natalia the glutton strikes again. Several of my classmates and I were also webcamming with each other using Google+'s Hangout. At one point of time, we all started using the same moustache and glasses effects on our faces, and here's the result!

^ Don't we all look wonderfully ridiculous in this screenshot. Tara volunteered to be the person in the main picture. :) Okay so anyway the names of the people from left to right (in the smaller pictures below) : Anushka, Hazel, me, Sandra, Tara (again) and Valerie. Haha yes, we had a really fun (and funny) time webcamming with each other! (Y)

Today (Yesterday, actually, since it's already past 12 a.m. right now as I'm typing this. ><) was pretty fun too. :) I went to Bugis Junction with my mum and my sister, and we spent quite a lot of time there! We also had an early (and yummy!) dinner at PastaMania. :D Afterwards, we left Bugis Junction and went to White Sands.

I headed over to the Comics Connection there and bought B1A4 button stickers for my phone!

Idk if I can ever bring myself to use these stickers though. :') (Can't risk getting them scratched!)

After spending awhile more in White Sands, the 3 of us eventually made our way back home.

And here I am now at home typing this out. :) So yep, I guess I'm finally done summing up whatever that has happened during the past week as well as this week! It's rather late right now as I'm finishing this post, and I'm getting pretty sleepy. >< Oh well then, I might as well just end off here and get some sleep.

'Night everyone! ❤ I'll be back as soon as I can with my next post! :)

❤ Natalia.

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