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Happy Birthday Gongchan! ❤
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(I'm really so sorry that I didn't update for such a long time ><, these few weeks have been really crazy and this post is just gonna be a short one. I'll try my best to be back as soon as possible though, and yes, I'll finally blog about my album in the next post! :D)

Omg I've been waiting for so long to say this, and the day's finally here so here goes-

생일축하합니다 공찬 오빠 ~ ! ❤

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful & sweet maknae, for having the best fanservice ever, and for being so friendly and lovable at the airport and also during BNO! Most of all, thank you for always being so caring and thoughtful towards us BANAs, up till the point where you still insisted on continuing with promotions even though you were in pain but you didn't tell us all about it cos you didn't want us to worry. ㅠㅠ ❤ You must take care of your health okay, Channie!

Once again, to our dear maknae who has finally turned one year older: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUPPY, WE BANAS WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! ❤



(Lots and lots and lots of) ❤, Natalia.

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It's been quite awhile since my last post, finally finding time now to blog. :) For the past few days, I've mostly been spending my time trying to complete all my homework and projects (all due around this period of time ugh). Right now, all that's left for my projects is my Geog AA! But it's due next week and I haven't exactly started on it. Oh boy.

Okay so I've got a lot a lot of things to update on, but I'll try my best not to make this post too lengthy and draggy to read!

First thing's first, I was in my school bus in the early morning last Friday and I was texting Syaza, when I suddenly got an sms from her saying that B1A4 was going to be on Hello Baby! There's been a lot of unconfirmed rumours about this recently, and I was really so happy when she told me that it had finally been confirmed on Allkpop! I immediately had to check it out for myself using my phone, and tada!

(Ahaha the time shown on my phone in the picture above is hilariously early.)

I started getting really really hyper (which is pretty unusual for me in the morning), and I'm hoping that B1A4's season will be as lovable and as funny as SHINee's! Apparently the countrydols will be travelling with two five year old children around Seoul, this should be interesting. ;) Read the full article here: Allkpop - B1A4 to participate in ‘Hello Baby’ Season 6! :D

(Speaking of B1A4, the MV of SIII'S Win The Day was also released last week and it features 2PM‘s Nichkhun and Junho, MBLAQ, Miss A, SISTAR, 4minute, ZE:A, Nine Muses, B1A4, and Dal Shabet! And I'm so glad they paired B1A4 with SISTAR for the recording cos I really love those two groups. ❤ Watch the MV here: SIII - Win The Day MV and the making of the MV [which is super cute!] over here: SIII - Win The Day MV - Making :D)

Okay haha so moving on, I had a wonderful Saturday last week. :D My afternoon began with some prize presentation thingy, and afterwards there was reeeaaally delicious food being served. x) Hoho yes I am such a glutton.

^ Dessert! Omnomnom.

And afterwards, it was off to Raffles City to collect my B1A4 I IGNITION repackage album asdfjxchkjxhkjshdalfhsladhflsjah! ❤❤❤ I was sososo happy when I finally received it. The album was pretty heavy though, but I definitely didn't mind carrying it around with me. ;v; <3

I'll most likely post about the album in my next blog entry, cos I'm figuring it'll take quite a bit of time. (I'm trying not to make this post too lengthy, remember? :D)

I ate dinner with my family later on at Century Square, and then we went over to Tampines Mall, where I bought a bag. It took me quite awhile to choose which one I wanted but I eventually decided on this one below! :)

We also went to Tampines 1, and that was where I finally bought the Angel connector ring I've been wanting for quite some time! Hehe, I had Teen Top in mind. ❤

After leaving Tampines 1, we headed back home, where I finally opened my album and fangirled over it before going to sleep. <3

On Sunday, I spent my time rushing the homework that I had T^T, and then it was back to school for the next few days. On one of those days though, I finally managed to buy my first Teen Top badge from Comics Connection!

:D Wahaha they're all so handsome. ❤

Thursday, in a way, was pretty sad. I had choir on that day, and it was going to be the last day of practice for our Year 4 seniors. :'( Towards the end of prac, we all sat in our sections and the Year 4s talked to us. I really couldn't believe they were leaving so soon omg time has really flown by so quickly since the beginning of the year. I really enjoyed being with my section [alto two!] that day and it was fun listening to all the jokes and stories my seniors had to share! At one point, my section members made me re-enact the pedo imitation I did during choir camp earlier this year. Oh gosh the embarrassment. TvT We also took section photos that day! Most of us only left the choir room at around 6+, even though prac had ended at 5.30. And before leaving, we all exchanged hugs with one another. ❤

I guess it's gonna take me some time getting used to the fact that the Year 4s won't be joining us for choir prac anymore. :(

Oh gosh I should quickly move on from this topic before I start getting all sad again.

Okay so anyway, I didn't have to go to school on Friday because my whole school was going to do home-based learning! We still had to follow our normal timetable though, which meant waking up early in the morning. Gah.

HBL wasn't too bad though, in fact it was actually rather good! The best part was that we could eat at any point of time if we wanted to. x) Hehe Natalia the glutton strikes again. Several of my classmates and I were also webcamming with each other using Google+'s Hangout. At one point of time, we all started using the same moustache and glasses effects on our faces, and here's the result!

^ Don't we all look wonderfully ridiculous in this screenshot. Tara volunteered to be the person in the main picture. :) Okay so anyway the names of the people from left to right (in the smaller pictures below) : Anushka, Hazel, me, Sandra, Tara (again) and Valerie. Haha yes, we had a really fun (and funny) time webcamming with each other! (Y)

Today (Yesterday, actually, since it's already past 12 a.m. right now as I'm typing this. ><) was pretty fun too. :) I went to Bugis Junction with my mum and my sister, and we spent quite a lot of time there! We also had an early (and yummy!) dinner at PastaMania. :D Afterwards, we left Bugis Junction and went to White Sands.

I headed over to the Comics Connection there and bought B1A4 button stickers for my phone!

Idk if I can ever bring myself to use these stickers though. :') (Can't risk getting them scratched!)

After spending awhile more in White Sands, the 3 of us eventually made our way back home.

And here I am now at home typing this out. :) So yep, I guess I'm finally done summing up whatever that has happened during the past week as well as this week! It's rather late right now as I'm finishing this post, and I'm getting pretty sleepy. >< Oh well then, I might as well just end off here and get some sleep.

'Night everyone! ❤ I'll be back as soon as I can with my next post! :)

❤ Natalia.

RGGE Concert + Chalet!
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Hmm haha okay it's been a few days since I last blogged and 2 school days have passed eversince. Okay then seems like I have a lot to write about. :)

Saturday (night), June 30th 2012

Hmm so first of all, I had a huge surprise on Saturday night. I have this schoolmate and her name's Sadia. And (just like me!) she spazzes over Kpop! Hehe she reallyreally loves Infinite.

So anyway I was just minding my business, derping and lazing around and home. And then I logged into Facebook using my phone and saw that I had received a message, so I went to open it and it was from Sadia. And it said:


Okay I was shocked. So I asked her where she was. And her response was:


Oh no.

After chatting with her via facebook, I found out that yes, she had already spied on me earlier on. (And I can't believe I didn't even know.) MY PRIDE = GONE.

Haha of course I went out of my house later on to see for myself whether she really was next door, and she was. And then she came over. :)

Okay the first few minutes of her coming over mainly consisted of us trying to take pictures of each other as evidence for those people who didn't believe that she had actually just visited the house next to mine.


While she was at my house, we spent most of our time spazzing over Kpop-related stuff and watching lots of videos. During this period of time, I found out some rather weird habits we have in common! One example would be buying ezlink card stickers and not using them at all. Instead, we just store them in our wallets. Glad to know I'm not alone. :'D At one point of time, Sadia was trying to guess my phone's passcode. AND SHE GUESSED IT ON HER SECOND TRY. Sadia, why so smart?! ;~; (Haha okay so maybe it was easy for her to guess since my passcode's Kpop-related and she's a huge Kpop fan.)

Sadia stayed at my house until 11+ (I didn't even realise it was getting that late.) and eventually she had to return back home. Haha oh well so we had fun while it lasted! :D

Sunday, 1st July 2012

I was rather excited when I woke up the next day. Okay so actually, my sister and her CCA members were gonna hold a one-day farewell at a chalet and her teacher wanted at least one adult to be there as well. So in the end my mum was the one who went to stay at the chalet, and because of that I got to stay there too. We also invited Yun Ting to join us, so I was pretty sure that it was going to be really fun. :) The chalet that we were going to be staying at was the Home Team NS chalet at Pasir Ris Park.

^ YT, my mum and I shared this room. :)

And I liked the view we had from our window!


When we arrived there, YT and I headed over to the room first to place our things and afterwards, we took pictures together using Photo Booth. Yes, there is great joy in camwhoring with friends!

Haha out of all the pictures we took, I liked this one the most! We used the sepia effect but afterwards, I brightened the photo cos the colour was a little dark.

❤ :D

For the rest of the time we spent in the room, we mostly did the homework that we had. ._. NERDZZZ. -OvO- Okay haha actually no not really. Oooh and we were munching on these at the same time!

^ One of my favourite childhood snacks. :D

Once we were done, we had to go and get ready for our school's Guitar Ensemble concert at night. YT's dad came to pick us from the chalet and sent us to the concert venue which was pretty far away. YT and I actually thought that the concert would start at 7.30 pm, but when she went to check her ticket again, it turned out be 7 pm and we ended up late. We only missed a bit of the concert though (I hope!) and managed to catch the rest of the performances.

^ The 4-page programme booklet, you can click on the picture and zoom in for a better view! :)

I really enjoyed the concert, they even had an American Pop medley and a K&J Pop medley, and I especially liked it when they played 2NE1's Lonely. The performances were all very good!

After the concert, YT and I waited for Kaye, who had performed earlier on cos she's in Guitar! While waiting, I caught sight of Sadia, Roshni and Jing Yi, who were outside. (All 3 of them are Kpop fans hehehe.) I went over to see them for awhile and Sadia started taking pictures of me again.


Afterwards, I went back inside and finally, Kaye emerged. YT and I insisted on taking pictures with her. >)

^ (I like how my Taemin badge is visible here aha.)

We took lots and lots of pictures, and eventually all three of us had to make our way back, so YT and I had to say goodbye to Kaye. :(

Haha yes YT and I continued taking photos together while waiting for her dad to arrive. Oh gosh my phone was filled with so many photos taken after the concert.

YT's dad sent us back to the chalet and we ate our dinner, before going over to sit with my sister and some of her friends who were still there. Haha we all had lots of good laughs and I was snacking on marshmallows. Omnom. YT and I then headed upstairs, where I showed her the episodes of Teen Top on Weekly Idol, and we had a great time laughing really hard. No matter how many times I watch those episodes, they're always funny!

Oh which reminds me, Teen Top's latest appearance on Weekly Idol has finally been subbed today! Wahaha I'm so so happy. Ricky was being really lovable and all, who knows maybe in the near future my Teen Top bias would be both Niel and Ricky? :) Haha okay so if you want to watch their latest appearance on Weekly Idol, here's the link to the first part : [6TOTSubs] 120627 Teen Top Weekly Idol Part 1/2, and the link to the second part : [6TOTSubs] 120627 Teen Top Weekly Idol Part 2/2 (Omg I really recommend watching it it's extremely hilarious!) Thank you so much 6TOTSubs for subbing!

Okay so anyway after YT and I were done with watching the episodes, we decided to go to sleep since it was already getting late.

Haha we even took pictures before we slept!

^ That's my mum on the left! ❤

Monday, 2nd July 2012

All of us woke up rather early and had breakfast. YT went cycling with my sister and her friends at the park, I chose not to follow cos my legs had been quite painful when I woke up. I have no idea why. T-T Earlier on, while we were all still eating breakfast, a cat had entered our chalet and it really made itself at home.

^ Haha so cute!

When YT, my sister and her friends arrived back at the chalet, it was time to pack up as we had to check out soon. My dad sent YT back first and eventually, I too was back at my own house.

So yep, that was the fun part of the long weekend that I had. Once I was back home, there was no more time for fun and I began frantically chionging the homework I had which was due the next day.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 3th and 4th July 2012

Back to school! These 2 days have pretty much been like every other school day, so there's really nothing much to write about. Haha anyway I've been really high on Kpop these days. :D

I was rather bored in school one day and there was nothing to do, so in the end I made these using red fuzzy wire after getting the idea from Roshni, who made a TVXQ one using red fuzzy wire as well. :)

^ Haha I made an EXO-M one for my friend, Syaza (who went for BNO with me!). :)

^ B1A4 for myself! I really wish that the wire I used for this was longer though, the letters and numbers look kiiinda cramped together. :<

Speaking of B1A4, they've been driving me crazy lately with their Ceci Bedroom Concert and their Summer Story performance for Music Bank's Half Year Special. I keep on rewatching those videos gaaaaah B1A4 let me concentrate on the work I have to do for school! T-T Oh which reminds me, I really can't foresee my fangirling self calming down anytime soon though cos I finally managed to order B1A4'S IGNITION repackage album on Sunday!!!

Okay now I've gotten myself so excited I can't see how I'm going to be able to fall asleep, and there's school tomorrow. .___. Haha oh well then I'd better end off here, so goodnight everyone!

Meanwhile, I shall go and try to calm myself down.

❤ Natalia.

I&E 2012. :)
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Omg I was watching this yesterday and it's reallyreally good. [TeenFinite! ❤] Both groups were amazing and I was reminded once more of how much I love Niel's current hairstyle hehe. And oh gosh Chunji singing his part in The Chaser = ❤ !

Okay so anyway, it's finally the weekend!

My primary school (shps!) had their I&E carnival today, and I went with my ex-classmates (Samantha, Yun Ting and Kaye). It was on a larger scale this year, they even included Uncle Ringo's carnival with the large pirate ship and all! There were a lot of people at shps today, saw some of my juniors and even my batchmates in primary school whom I haven't seen in a long time. :'D

We mostly walked around, and when we arrived at one game stall (It was 6/10's and 6/11's game stall if I'm not wrong!), we spotted two of our ex-classmates, Stefan and Hazim, playing Kinect.

Yep, that's them! Haha they were really enthusiastic.

Later on, Kaye and YT decided to play kinect too. :) (Sam had left for awhile to do other stuff!)

Ermm, I didn't spend much at the carnival cos I didn't really know what to buy. ._. But I did buy candy floss and a cookie! :] The cookies all came in different (and very pretty!) designs, hehe I chose one which was shaped like a fish and it was really yummy!

Oh and YT even bought for me a bear keychain and I found it really adorable! Omg thanks so much YT! <3

I&E this year was a really great experience, I really loved returning to St. Hilda's! :) I'm starting to miss all those times I had with my friends, going from stall to stall and also manning stalls of our own, during the previous I&E carnivals when I was still in primary school. ;-;

When we finally left St. Hilda's, YT, Kaye and I went to Century Square for lunch at the food court. Sam called Kaye and told us that she'd be joining us later on. :) While waiting for Sam to arrive, YT went to buy some kiwis to eat.


Sam arrived soon after, and Kaye was trying really hard to stop me from reading the very first post on her blog using my phone. Haha I suppose we were a rather silly sight! (I managed to read it in the end :D)

After we were all done eating and making a fool of ourselves, Kaye had to leave. :( So Sam, YT and I went over to one shop in Century Square (I forgot its name ><) where they both bought stuff, and then we went to Comics Connection. :D

And I finally found a Gongchan ezlink card sticker!!! ❤❤❤

Yes. I am really happy. :'D

The 3 of us then went to Tampines 1 but I don't think any of us bought anything over there. I wanted to buy a ring that said 'Angel' (since my latest Kpop obsession is Teen Top aha!) but in the end I changed my mind. I'll probably buy it some other time. ._.

Eventually, after spending lots of time in Tampines and the malls there, we all decided to head back home. When I got back, I was pretty tired but it was alright since today had been really fun! :D

Okay although I've been having lots of fun lately due to all the things that are happening, I'm still quite sad since all the songs in my phone have disappeared (I think it happened yesterday D:) and I have no idea why they did. I really hope I can somehow get all of the songs back. TT-TT

Minus that, I think it's gonna be a great weekend, can't wait for tomorrow. :D And Monday's a holiday too!

I guess I'm one reeaaally happy girl. (excluding the song thingy that happened with my phone ._.)

❤ Natalia.

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And so the new semester's started. School's been manageable so far. :) Oh well maybe because the exam period hasn't really arrived yet.

Haha I remember how in my previous post on Sunday, I mentioned that I would be sleeping at around 10+ that night because school was starting the next day. I did go to bed at around 10+, but I was kinda restless and so I only managed to fall asleep at around 12+. After all my determination to sleep earlier that night. =3=

It was really great seeing all my classmates and friends on Monday. :D When school reopened for the new term, however, there were quite a number of changes. One of which was that Ms Wong, a wonderful and cheerful teacher, would no longer be teaching my class Literature. :( But never mind I guess it's okay though, since my current Literature teacher is also really nice! Another change would be our seating arrangement. I got shifted from the front to the back of the class! :D Kekeke. Sometimes it gets really cold back there though, I'm starting to bring my sweater to school everyday. ._.

For the past few days, it's mostly just been getting adjusted to school life once more and starting on new topics. Work's not been much of a problem so far though. I'm currently still mentally stable. I still have time to watch videos! :D Once, I was watching someone else's fancam of B1A4's O.K during BNO on youtube because in terms of B1A4 songs, I only took fancams of Beautiful Target and Baby Goodnight. And oh gosh, it was only while watching the fancam that I realised Gongchan's shoe actually came off during the performance and Baro was laughing. Why am I so unobservant. D:

Anyway, I had a rather fun time in school today thanks to Aesthetics. :) Our current module for Aesthetics is Poise and Confidence, it's mostly about sewing. Don't get me wrong though. I'm horrible at sewing.

However, today, we were gonna experiment with different kinds of fabric and find out how long each different type took to burn, what kind of smell they gave off after burning, stuff like that. And yes, we were going to do the burning ourselves in groups!

I was in the same group as Nurin and Xin Hwee, and we chose some rather nice and scenic area to do our burning. Before I continue, always remember, never ever play with fire! ._. Now that I've already done my fair bit of nagging, time to post the pictures of what we did. :)

After many attempts, XH finally managed to light up the candle:

XH and Nurin ^^ :

XH using tweezers to burn a piece of fabric:

At one point, when it was my turn to burn the fabric, my fingers were too close to the edge of the tweezers and the fabric just had to catch fire from the candle right then. I went crazy and dropped the tweezers back onto the tray immediately and in the process, I accidentally knocked Nurin on the head. >< Yes, I'm a total dweeb.

Once more I shall emphasise, never play with fire. ._.

And here's the last photo, 3 of us happily acting like derps with the tweezers and the lighter. :D (hoho look Nurin's illuminated!)

Today, I also had CCA [Choir! ❤] for the first time since school reopened. :D It was fun, I got to see everyone again and towards the end of CCA, my batchmates and I were deciding on the song(s) we wanted to perform for our busking and eventually, we decided on a mash-up of Payphone and Call Me Maybe. We'll see how it works out! :)

It's going to be Friday tomorrow, haha I'm really looking forward to the weekend for a break! I have to end off here as I'll be sleeping soon, so goodnight everyone! <3 Oh and by the way, SISTAR released their new music video for Loving U. The song's really nice and they all look amazing. :D Even the scenery looks amazing.

Haha so go check it out okay!

❤ Natalia.

Last day of the holidays. :(
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So it's a Sunday. And tomorrow's a Monday. A school day.

I realised that the saying "Time flies when you're having fun" is really true. Really true. T-T OH GOSH WHY.

Oh well I shall just look on the bright side of things. :') At least I'll be able to see all my wonderful friends and classmates tomorrow, whom I haven't seen in a long time! <3

Okay so yesterday I spent my time mostly savouring whatever that was left of the June holidays. I did go out though, and I was trying to look for an album that I wanted to buy, but I couldn't find it. :( However, I did see Big Bang's Still Alive special edition album being sold! New item to add to my wishlist! I have to start saving up in order to be able to pay for all the albums that I currently want to buy, and at the moment I do have quite a lot of albums in mind! Oh gosh I REALLY NEED TO SAVE.

At home, I mostly watched videos on youtube and I also rewatched some of my favourite episodes from B1A4's Sesame Player! :D Afterwards I had a tiiiny supper before going to bed at around 12+.

And today is the day to chiong everything. I stayed at home and tried to get myself mentally prepared for school. But I'm still not ready for it yet. :'( Okay haha on a totally different note, while my parents were out today, my sister (from the outside) locked me in the balcony. ==|| But aha! Lucky me had my phone with me, so I called my mum who called my sister who eventually let me out. (Y)

It's 9.34 right now and I'm aiming to sleep by 10, so I won't be sleepy for school tomorrow. ._. Gaaaah I still can't get over the fact that today's the last day of the June hols. TT-TT And since school's starting, I'll most likely be blogging less often. :( But I'll try my best to post and update whenever I can!

I'll end here so that I'll still have time left to make sure I have everything I need for school tomorrow before I go to sleep at 10. 'Night everyone, hope you all enjoyed your June hols! :)

❤ Natalia.

It always feels great to be back. :)
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Haven't been posting for a few days, will update now! :)

So, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I returned to my primary school, St. Hilda's! Haha I really missed the place a lot so I was super glad to have the chance to go back there. Okay so I was actually there to do CIP with my ex-classmates, now my current schoolmates: Kaye, Yun Ting and Mahirah. (Mahirah's still my classmate though!) :D

What we were tasked to do was to actually help our P6 English teacher, Mrs Teo, with lots of filing. And it was a lot harder than we thought it would be. T-T But Mrs Teo was really very nice towards us, she even bought for us snacks in case we got hungry! Mrs Teo is really one of the best teachers I ever had, she was super dedicated while teaching my class in primary school and she actually taught us from P4 all the way to P6, tolerating all our nonsense for 3 whole years! :) And right now I really, really miss having her as my teacher. :(

Although we returned to shps during the holidays, the P6s were in school and if I'm not wrong they were there having supplementary classes cos PSLE's getting closer. I remember having to return to school during the June hols last year for the same reason. :) Anyway I managed to see a lot of my amazing and wonderful juniors, I really missed a lot of them! <3

Halfway through filing, Mahirah and I decided to go downstairs to the canteen to get a drink. And the canteen's really changed a lot! :O The two of us discovered this interesting blue-coloured drink that was being sold at the drink stall and so we decided to try it out! It was actually a blueberry-flavoured drink. :) And it looked like this!

Haha okay I found the colour of the drink super pretty.

When Mahirah and I returned back to the room where we were doing all the filing in, I was about to use the printer cos I had to photocopy several worksheets but I think it was Kaye who told me that Mr Tan (my primary 4 science teacher!) was using the machine earlier on and she wasn't sure if he still needed it. It turned out that he didn't need it after all so I went to photocopy the worksheets. Later on when my friends were using the photocopy machine, one of them suddenly said that it had stopped working.

So stupid me went to say jokingly without thinking, "Haha Mr Tan spoiled the machine!"

And suddenly I heard a response, "No lah!" And it was Mr Tan's voice.

HAHA I HAD NO IDEA MR TAN WAS STILL IN THE ROOM OMG cos there's actually a wall in the room to sorta divide the place into 2 sides, and Mr Tan was on the other side! When he left the room, my friends and I started laughing like mad, haha at least the incident put lots of humour into our day! :D Oh and the printing machine turned out to be just fine in the end!

All of us except for YT were unable to complete the filing task that day cos our files were super huge, but it was okay since all of us except for Kaye would be returning the next day so we would be able to continue then! :)

After leaving school, Kaye, Mahirah and I went for lunch at Century Square. YT wasn't able to follow us since she had her piano lesson. :( Haha while eating, the 3 of us had a great time recalling the Mothers' Day celebration that was held when we were in P4, and the hilariously lame skit that was performed that day by quite a number of us, myself included! Oh gosh haha I really miss those times.

When we went back to school the next day, we continued with the filing and YT took over the file that Kaye was in charge of. Mrs Teo actually bought bread and cake for us, and she also gave us a whole bottle of Pepsi! Omg I'm really so touched by whatever she did for us, trying to help us in any way that she could. <3

And we managed to finally finish the filing that day! (Y) :D Haha I felt so accomplished. Couldn't eat lunch with my friends that day though, cos this time I was the one with the piano lesson!

To sum it up, I had a really great time in shps for those two days, and I'm looking forward to the next time when I can visit back again! <3

On Wednesday and Thursday, I mostly stayed at home and tried to finish up some projects that I had. :< Oh and I also decided to watch Teen Top's episode on Weekly Idol, and they were really hilarious! Ricky was making lots of super cute expressions, haha he really makes a good visual maknae!

Today, my mum decided to go out to buy dinner so I followed her, and so did my 2 neighbours! One of them was Tuha (who was in my previous post :D), and the other was his 3 year old brother, Zohair! (I hope I didn't make any spelling errors ><, but anyway we just call him Jubs. :) Oh and by the way his name is not actually pronounced like how it's spelled, it's more of something like: Zu-ha-yer!)

They waited and ate ice-cream with me as my mum went to buy dinner and I had this urge to use my SHINee HELLO app to take photos of them, and here are the pictures! (I selected the members at random hehe!)

^ Jubs and Minho!

^ Tuha with Key!

Later on while my mum brought Tuha and Jubs along with her to the supermarket, I went to Comics Connection. :) And in the end I bought 2 ezlink card stickers, though I don't think I'd end up pasting any of them on my ezlink card, which already has a sticker on it. :)

^ The sticker that is currently pasted on my ezlink card. :D Taemin oppa! Neomu kyeopta! ❤

And the ones I bought today! :

^ One of B1A4, and one of Jinyoung. :D I tried looking but I couldn't find one of Channie. :( But haha never mind, I hope I'll find one soon!

Anyway, I had a really yummy dinner today thanks to my mum who bought it for all of us! ❤ Love you lots Ma! <3 xxx

It's getting late already, I'll end here so I can get my sleep, which seems a lot more precious during the June hols! Keke.

'Night everyone! :D

❤ Natalia.

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